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FORGE Student Ministry

Devoted to being The Church, the Forge is a training ground where faith is put into action on a daily basis. It’s vision is to equip Christian believers in a holistic lifestyle through discipleship and life-skill training. Creating a culture founded on a daily choice to live; school, work, finances, and relationships, through an intentional faith-walk; the Forge, is an organic community where what they “do” becomes an extension of who they are, and who they are is rooted in a daily relationship with God.

Logo Variations:



Using simple forms the mark is created from traditional tribal icons. The layers of lines represent structure and the idea of inward growth. The marks motion conveys a since of purpose and speaks to the transformational change of the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). The icon itself could be a steeple or a bird finding it’s wings; either way, it remains “spiritual” without using typical Christian iconography. Similar to an army badge there is a since of accomplishment in the strength and outline style of the mark. It is representative of a group of people coming together. Displaying the continual process of life and faith becoming one. Symbolic of a healthy, holistic individual.




Stationery & Leave Behind Card:


There are times where clients cannot afford a custom website design. Instead, we work with them to find a web template that further establishes their brand as a more cost-effect solution. By starting with a preexisting template it allows us to cut programming and design time in half and provides a foundation on which to build a somewhat custom site. With a little bit of programming and client-guidance we we’re able to help them customize their site to meet their initial needs and develop a platform that they can continue to grow from.

Additional Collateral Materials:

Special thanks to Scott and the Forge Creative Team for providing some of the Collateral Materials and imagery.



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