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Ascend Dance Studios

Since Jessie Dolezel was a little girl she dreamed of opening her own studio. As someone who has grown up in dance, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Oklahoma, and taught at the collegiate level, Jessie was finally ready to move to her own beat.

From the company’s name, verbiage, and logo we worked one-on-one to create a brand that truly defines her passion for all things dance.

“At Ascend Studios everything we do is for the love of dance. We provide a space open to all academic dance and recreational dance classes, & small local events. By creating an environment that respects and celebrates the true artistry of dance we aim to educate and inspire a community-wide love and appreciation for dance. 

One-hundred percent of our time and focus is on developing teamwork and technique. Ascend Studios’ classical ballet curriculum provides foundational training that allows our students to excel in all dance forms and classes. We believe that dance is about more than a status symbol or a trophy; instead, it’s the combined reflection of our five Core Values: Discipline, Art, Technique, A Good Attitude, and A Love of Learning. Whether it’s ballet, jazz, tap, modern, yoga, ballroom, or country and western our goal is to inspire dancers to dance because they love it!” – Ascend Studios 

The new dance studio logo is simple and classic in it’s flow and movement, yet showcases a bit of artistic flair and fun with a pop of coral pink. It is definitely feminine in curves and color, but still approachable to male audiences through it’s structured and clean aesthestic. Since the term “dance” is not directly in the business name it was important to help make that connection through the icon in the logo. Instead of using the typical cheesy dance symbols, the final icon can be interpreted in many different ways; as a tiara, as inward growth and strength, as reflection, and as a group of people working together as one. All these meanings, paired with the tagline, present the studio as equal parts fun and work, academic and recreational, and overall represent Ascend Studios’ ultimate goal of growing a community-wide appreciation for the art of dance.

Visit our blog to see the dance mood boards we put together for Ascend Studios.

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