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100% Cotton Kitchen Line | Green Couch Design

Kitchen Line

We believe the kitchen is the one place in the home where messes should be welcomed! Celebrating our passion for fun and function our kitchen line of tea towels, aprons, and mixer covers are the perfect taste of classic and whimsy. Each design and custom saying are all original to Green Couch Design.

We are very proud to announce that our mixer covers are sewn to perfection with the help of Burma Refugee Women who have been re-located from their country to Oklahoma City. Looking for a new start in life we pay these women a fair wage, allow them to work from home, next to their children, and support our local economy.

Mixer Covers:
• Screen printed locally
• Handmade in the USA
• Approximately 16″ wide, 3″ deep and 14″ tall
• Fits basic Stand Mixer(s)
• Wash cold with like colors
• 100% Cotton Canvas

• Screen printed locally
• 30” length with adjustable ties
• Two 7” wide front pockets
• Wash cold with like colors
• 100% cotton canvas

Flour Sack Tea Towels:
• Hand stamped by us!
• Approximately 22” x 38”
• Wash cold with like colors
• Processed in the USA

** We no longer sale these items online. Please let us know [] if you have any questions about our inventory or future products. Thanks!


Barnwood Table

Barnwood Coffee Table

Rugged industrialism meets minimalist design, with large 12″ x 3″ pine beams salvaged from a barn we began to look at the function of the materials. The simple and direct lines of the wood and the ease with which it can be joined gave way to the box. We turned the box on it’s side and expressed the connections with large bolts and drop forged casters. Viola, rural design at it’s greatest.

Concrete Upcycled Jewelry | Green Couch Design

Concrete & Upcycled Metal Jewelry

Each piece is hand made and no two are alike, we love the rugged individualism of every piece and the strength each piece represents.


Concrete Angel Ornaments

Built entirely of rugged materials these angels encourage us to never give up on our world, to continue to fight to make it better.

Custom Bed Design | Green Couch Design

Custom Bed Design

Built entirely of oak with a dark cherry walnut custom stain, the headboard is canted at 20 degrees to allow a gentle recline while reading at night. Hand crafted this headboard and platform took two weeks, but yielded a beautiful result.


Etched Room Divider

We put these single pane beauties to good use, etching the glass with a dot pattern that plays fun games with the early morning light. This wonderful hand made divider gives an added sophistication to a room in need of a little lift.

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