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100% Cotton Kitchen Line | Green Couch Design

Kitchen Line

We believe the kitchen is the one place in the home where messes should be welcomed! Celebrating our passion for fun and function our kitchen line of tea towels, aprons, and mixer covers are the perfect taste of classic and whimsy. Each design and custom saying are all original to Green Couch Design.

We are very proud to announce that our mixer covers are sewn to perfection with the help of Burma Refugee Women who have been re-located from their country to Oklahoma City. Looking for a new start in life we pay these women a fair wage, allow them to work from home, next to their children, and support our local economy.

Mixer Covers:
• Screen printed locally
• Handmade in the USA
• Approximately 16″ wide, 3″ deep and 14″ tall
• Fits basic Stand Mixer(s)
• Wash cold with like colors
• 100% Cotton Canvas

• Screen printed locally
• 30” length with adjustable ties
• Two 7” wide front pockets
• Wash cold with like colors
• 100% cotton canvas

Flour Sack Tea Towels:
• Hand stamped by us!
• Approximately 22” x 38”
• Wash cold with like colors
• Processed in the USA

** We no longer sale these items online. Please let us know [] if you have any questions about our inventory or future products. Thanks!



Pollard Theatre 25th Season Campaign


Located in Downtown Historic Guthrie The Pollard Theatre needed a new campaign design to celebrate their 25th Season. To showcase the depth of their history we scanned in large format photographs that are displayed in the theater’s main entryway. Taken in the 1980′s-1990′s these photographs created an elegant foundation for our design. The black and white themes relay accents of silver, a typical color associated with 25 year anniversary’s. A different photograph was used for each collateral piece acting as simple “keep sake” or “collector’s item” of the Pollard’s 25 year history. Overall, the general layout and design remained consistent through all mediums to ensure campaign recognition.

25th Season Collateral:

Individual Show Posters:

Each show poster needed to convey a unique style while sharing a consistent connection to the 25th Season Collateral Materials. The silhouettes and similar layouts provide a common thread and simple illustration style specific to the 1980′s. The show titles themselves act as their own logo balanced against an illustration. The 25th Season Logo is a secondary mark to the show titles — a little red tag exclusively awarded to The Pollard 25th Season Show Posters.

* Created in partnership with our friends at MIDWESTMEDIA.

Arbuckle Country-thumbnail-1

Arbuckle Country Visitor’s Guide



A tourism booklet is chalk-full of information and ads that can often times feel overwhelming. We we’re tasked with organizing this same information in a format that would make content navigation and presentation simple and user-friendly.

Our solution was to divide the information into specific categories of interest; Attractions, Lodging, Communities, Food, Awards, Events, and People. Recognizing that color can be a helpful point of reference we created a color pallet for each category that compliments the Arbuckle Country Brand Standards. Similar to tabs each article of information is designated by a category and color to differentiate key articles vs. ad space. Instead of listing the Table of Contents numerically the categories and colors introduce readers to the structure of the guide right away. Whether the guide is a first time introduction to Arbuckle Country or someone who has done their research and is looking to book a trip… the new layout makes it easy to define and locate specific information throughout the piece.

The custom layout provides a consistent framework for the client to edit and add content within from year to year.

* Created in partnership with our friends at MIDWESTMEDIA.


Building Backpacks

During the school year The Spero Project provides weekend backpacks full of food for impoverished students. Building Backpacks is a continuation of this same program and is designed to support children who run a higher risk of going hungry during the summer. Providing healthy, kid-friendly food the program aims to support local children not only physically but mentally and spiritually by eventually offering summer programs, mentoring and counseling.

The new brand was later implemented into a fundraiser event where the kids, volunteers, and teachers competed to prepare food provided in the weekly backpacks in a surprisingly gourmet fashion! Read our blog post about it here.








Oklahoma Sustainability Campaign: Bring It Home | Green Couch Design

Oklahoma Sustainability Network

“The Bring It Home initiative was developed by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network (OSN) and the Phillips Murrah-C.H. Guernsey team to assist interested Oklahoma communities in the adoption of sustainable residential building codes that will reduce energy consumption, decrease costs and have a long-term impact on the environment and economy.” - OSN (Oklahoma Sustainability Network).

Conceptual Process:

Instead of the typical icons associated with the sustainable movement we designed a brand that is much more subtle in it’s approach. Not only does the logo expand outward but from top to bottom as it signifies layers of hard work and determination. Oklahoma was founded on an understanding and preservation of the land and it’s natural resources. It’s time we come full circle and continue the legacy handed down through our heritage. It’s time we Bring It Home and we truly supply Oklahoma with the resources and the means to build a sustainable Oklahoma. In the end the campaign brand is simply about doing the right thing and knowing that what is best for our families is ultimately the best for the state of Oklahoma. The brand speaks directly to the campaign goals by displaying the end result; a brighter future for Oklahoma.

Stationery & Brochure:

The initial inside panel uses numbers to directly relate project goals and objectives to each benefit associated with the code adoption. This same numbering system is used for architectural plans/documentation to highlight details and pull-out further instructions for the builder.

Website Design:

Custom Presentation Folder:

Looking for a folder to accommodate large document presentations a custom die was created to fit the clients needs. The front is straight forward and displays the logo, clean and simple; while the back side snugly accommodates a DVD, business card and up to 70 sheets of letterhead. The backside pocket is a custom cut reflecting the same curve in the logo and overall brand design. The entire folder is printed on high quality recycled paper along with the brochure and letterhead.

* Created in partnership with our friends at MIDWESTMEDIA.


Sunshine Dreamers

With a new album delivered fresh from the farm, the Sunshine Dreamer’s we’re ready to showcase their new musical direction with a revived design look. Ultimately this project had two objectives; 1. Create t-shirt and matching sticker designs that speak to the Sunshine Dreamers musical flavor and 2. Make cool unisex prints that any band groupie would want to take home. We started by printing on up-cycled T’s and created a consistent circular pattern that was then carried throughout each piece.

Working one-on-one with our local screen printer (Thanks Justin) we we’re able to deliver the best possible prints with t-shirts of multiple sizes and colors. After much debate we choose a white ink base for the darker shirts knowing the array of background colors we had to work with. Unlike usual screen prints where the ink sets on top of the shirt we used a process that is similar to bleaching out the design; thus, allowing the ink to literally soak into and become part of the t-shirts.

*Click here to download the Sunshine Dreamers latest Farm EP for free!
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