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Stewardship Financial Strategies Logo Design | Green Couch Design

Stewardship Financial Strategies

Stewardship Financial Strategies is a financial planning, investment advisory, and wealth management firm. They came to us looking for a brand that would elevate them aesthetically above local competition while helping them compete professionally among larger companies in their industry. Although small, they are mighty, and their variety of services, unique process, and faith-based value system is what sets them apart.

“At Stewardship Financial Strategies we make sure our client’s understand the industry, products, history and strategies that have been and are used today. Our proprietary economic model, goal based process, advice, and extensive service separates us from other boutique advisors and larger investment divisions. During the very first meeting intentional conversations of our client’s goals and objectives are discussed. From a simple one page plan to a more in-depth, step-by-step, financial plan we provide tools, resources, advice, and product recommendations that give our clients a full visual picture of their ‘stuff’.” – Stewardship Financial Strategies

We designed the brand around a traditional aesthetic to establish a feeling of dedication, faithfulness, and sincerity when it comes to a very individualized type of service. The royal purple portrays a since of loyalty and comfort while the gold establishes a look of professionalism and charm. By illustrating a classic tree symbol with simple, yet hand drawn lines, the brand is fresh and yet still humble at it’s core. The hand-drawn icon helps soften the bold type and gives the logo a genuine touch. Just like the tree clients of Stewardship Financial Strategies can stand confident that their finances are firmly planted on solid ground and will continue to flourish for years to come.






Ascend Dance Studios

Since Jessie Dolezel was a little girl she dreamed of opening her own studio. As someone who has grown up in dance, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Oklahoma, and taught at the collegiate level, Jessie was finally ready to move to her own beat.

From the company’s name, verbiage, and logo we worked one-on-one to create a brand that truly defines her passion for all things dance.

“At Ascend Studios everything we do is for the love of dance. We provide a space open to all academic dance and recreational dance classes, & small local events. By creating an environment that respects and celebrates the true artistry of dance we aim to educate and inspire a community-wide love and appreciation for dance. 

One-hundred percent of our time and focus is on developing teamwork and technique. Ascend Studios’ classical ballet curriculum provides foundational training that allows our students to excel in all dance forms and classes. We believe that dance is about more than a status symbol or a trophy; instead, it’s the combined reflection of our five Core Values: Discipline, Art, Technique, A Good Attitude, and A Love of Learning. Whether it’s ballet, jazz, tap, modern, yoga, ballroom, or country and western our goal is to inspire dancers to dance because they love it!” – Ascend Studios 

The new dance studio logo is simple and classic in it’s flow and movement, yet showcases a bit of artistic flair and fun with a pop of coral pink. It is definitely feminine in curves and color, but still approachable to male audiences through it’s structured and clean aesthestic. Since the term “dance” is not directly in the business name it was important to help make that connection through the icon in the logo. Instead of using the typical cheesy dance symbols, the final icon can be interpreted in many different ways; as a tiara, as inward growth and strength, as reflection, and as a group of people working together as one. All these meanings, paired with the tagline, present the studio as equal parts fun and work, academic and recreational, and overall represent Ascend Studios’ ultimate goal of growing a community-wide appreciation for the art of dance.

Visit our blog to see the dance mood boards we put together for Ascend Studios.

Baby & Birth Connection of Oklahoma | Green Couch Design

Baby & Birth Connection of Oklahoma

The Birth & Baby Connection is a new event in the Oklahoma City area designed to connect parents & families with natural birth and parenting resources. A yearly gathering it provides educational information on topics like prenatal exercise, VBAC, Midwife attended birth, the role of the doula, cloth diapering & baby wearing through talks, demo classes and meet-ups. A safe and causal space the Birth & Baby Connection is where expectant mothers and families can ask questions and find real and relevant resources to local, naturally minded, businesses and non-profits.

We choose vibrant colors and an organic design to establish a natural and inviting tone for the whole event. The floral icon can be seen as one whole element representing the growth of a baby, the birth process, or two sections of leaves corresponding to the family unit and it’s internal support system. Overall Birth & Baby Connection Branding is playful in fonts and colors, but professional in it’s simple stylization.



Cut Loose Hair Design: Branding & Salon Design | Green Couch Design

Cut Loose Hair Design

Guy and Natalie, the owners of Cut Loose Hair Design, are a father-daughter duo that you will NEVER forget! Both of their personalities are very outgoing, over the top, and genuinely fun–perfect for a salon! It’s been a dream of theirs to work together in their own space, and after a few years of planning, saving, and gaining top-industry experience they were ready to take the leap into full-time studio owners.

Cut Loose Hair Design needed our help streamlining two very opinionated personalities into one cohesive aesthetic. The perfect blend of what makes Green Couch Design so unique, we were able to bring both our graphic design and architectural backgrounds to the table–offering a truly complete branding and interior design package. From finalizing the salon name, establishing a lasting brand with focus and drive, to offering interior design, floor plan, and lighting suggestions we were truly able to provide a big picture design vision for Cut Loose Hair Design.

Logo Design: 



A father-daughter run business Cut Loose Hair Design has the perfect blend of a masculine perspective on design, experienced education, and young innovative idea’s for men, women, and children alike. Their ongoing knowledge of hair design keeps them in style and on trend. At Cut Loose Hair Design they are not afraid to bring their own personal creativity and talents to the latest coloring, cutting, styling, perms, waxes, and updos for a final look customers love.

It was important to keep the brand design smart, but fun, clean, but friendly, classy, and display an overall positive vibe. The bright colors speak to Natalie’s love of teal and rustic decor, while the simple design and san serif font target Guy’s straight line business approach and love of industrial materials. At Cut Loose Hair Design family is centric to their entire business culture. The two sheers in the mark celebrate the coming together of the father-daughter salon duo, without being over the top or cheesy. The additional marks within the brand display a raw, almost cattle brand-like styling, without feeling too country.



Promotional Materials:

Vintage family heirloom barrel furniture added a unique look and feel to the shop design. Looking to attract young and fun individuals and families it was important that the salon felt trendy, but comfortable. Unlike cheap chop-shops Cut Loose Hair Design builds personal relationships with their clients and it was important to create that casual atmosphere in the overall layout of the shop.

To maximize profit Cut Loose Hair Design needed to fit as many booth spaces as possible within their layout while still providing ease of movement and function. By extending the typical waiting area throughout the ends and central location of the studio we were able to fit more booths into the shop and create comfy seating “nooks” out of the odd leftover spaces. By spreading the waiting area throughout the midsection of the shop and adding a coffee bar toward the back right clients can move freely and truly make themselves at home.

The relaxed floor plan encourages genuine customer interaction with all stylists and customers, while the individual booth spaces provide room for one-on-one professional care and attention.

Salon Floor Plan & Booth Layout Options:

Guy and Natalie wanted a professional, yet family-friendly atmosphere that people would want to come back to again and again. By placing seating throughout the entire shop the public space is clearly defined while encouraging clients to move around the salon. The comfy seating and handmade family-style dining room table make the space feel even more homey. Typically clients can find the table covered with hair and fashion magazines to coloring books. Cut Loose Hair Design is truly a trendy, yet kid-friendly place.

Salon Lighting Options:

Originally the space was very bare and boring. Guy and Natalie wanted creative suggestions to add materials and interest throughout the entire salon. The upcycled pallet wall, wine rack towel holders, old doors where the mirrors are attached, are all elements that tie to the Cut Loose Hair Design raw, chic, and industrial aesthetic. With the help of their entire family the owners were not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They took each of our interior design suggestions to heart and truly made the shop their own.

Cut Loose Hair Design has been one of our favorite projects thus far because we were able to showcase all of what makes Green Couch Design so unique. We love family, we love homey spaces, and we love great design. Creating a space and a branding platform where all three of those could flourish in has been a dream come true.

Visit our blog to see our salon mood boards for Cut Loose Hair Design.

Cards & Invites | Green Couch Design

Cards & Invites

1. Princess Bride Themed Baby Shower Invitation |  2. Wedding Invitation | 3. Welcome To Our Tribe – Arrow Themed Baby Shower Invitation | 4. 1st Year of Marriage Christmas Card | 5. Comic Book Inspired Wedding Invitation | 6. Senior Recital Invitation | 7. Pinwheel Wedding Invitation | 8. DIY Inspired Around the House Couple’s Shower Invitation

Studio Website Thumbnail | Green Couch Design

Studio Architecture

Our friends at STUDIO Architecture were ready to update their existing look and streamline their brand standards. Before any of the designs were flushed out everyone on staff shared their thoughts on the site’s design and function. This process sounds like a mess, but it gave us a lot of great feedback to base the site design on, and allowed us to update their entire brand in a way that truly represents STUDIO as a whole. From updating their copy points to a more approachable, everyday tone, offering updated options for colors, fonts, and photography, to the overall layout and site design, we were really able get our hands on every inch of their brand. Our goal was not only to update the STUDIO brand, but also to provide design standards that they could really grow and expand from.

STUDIO had a lot of history with their existing mark and wanted to keep it’s original square box design. When it came to updating the logo our focus was mainly on simplifying all the font, color, and size variations that had been used over the past few years. Instead of having hundreds of logo variations we came up with three options to bring some consistency to the brand. Other then updating the logotype the icon of the logo remained the same. Orange, yellow, and green were established as STUDIO’s 3 primary colors. A few additional colors were also added to the brand to add more depth and variation in future client presentations, contracts, and promotional materials.

Brand Standards:





“Your space reflects who you are.”

“We see relationships as our most cherished resource.”

“Great design is inherently sustainable.”

We designed STUDIO’s website with a basic square grid to mimic the rectilinear shapes in their logo. The white space gives plenty of breathing room while the content on the site remains simple and to the point. For an industry that prides itself on clean, straight lines, we love that STUDIO was not afraid of adding a bit of pop to their brand. The fun colors paired with a sleek site design highlight STUDIO’s great balance of a casual and professional work atmosphere. Both the portfolio and bios sections include unique interactive elements that make the site feel less stuffy and much more personable than typical architectural sites.

STUDIO was a wonderful client to work with and we really enjoyed getting to know each and everyone of their team members. The updated STUDIO brand provides an aesthetic foundation that they can really jump off of, as well as standards to stay within, as they continue to grow.


Air In Motion

A family owned business Air In Motion (AIM) offers personalized heating and air care for both residential and commercial clients throughout Oklahoma City and it’s surrounding areas.

For the past 27 years Doug Glover has been the go to guy when it comes to servicing AC, heat, walk-in freezers and coolers, restaurant equipment, and basic repairs for several large chain restaurants. A certified HVAC Refrigeration Contractor Doug has built a reputation on honesty and integrity and now offers that same reliable service through AIM.

Stationery & Company Vehicle Wrap:

The new Air In Motion mark positions AIM as a resource of consistent experience and expertise for local heating and air service and repair. Associated as an industry standard an updated red and blue was selected giving the company a more modern and fresh appeal. Targeting residential and small commercial clients AIM’s clean white aesthetic paired with the vibrant color palette balances the company’s professional yet personalized customer approach. The consistent movement within the mark relates to AIM’s ability to diagnose and fix the problem.

The brand development provides a platform for AIM to launch their new company while they pursue their long term goals of being a financially sound and self-sufficient business.

Find AIM on Facebook.


DOTS Album Cover

Dots is the first release from the creative collective, The Wonder Revolution. The album began in 2006 as an instrumental project by Wonder Revolution guitarist David Lord (of Solagget, Elemental Trio, Francis Moss) and drummer Nathan Wilder (of Paper Airplanes, Ad Astra Arkestra, Appleseed Cast). Over the next six years, the project was adopted by The Wonder Revolution collective and evolved into an epic long-form composition featuring a line up of twelve contributing musicians.” – Album Notes

Cover Art by: Lindsay Bowling


The Wonder Revolution

“The wonder revolution is a call to re-awaken and cultivate a child-like mind set of wonder. As adults we lose our desire of Investigation, imagination, and creation to life’s daily problems, practical thinking, drama, jobs, ideologies, cultures, egos, fears, etc. We are taught through culture, society, and education to see life as a set of abstractions and therefore we miss the miraculous Wonderworld that surrounds us.” - The Wonder Revolution

The Wonder Revolution is a group of friends, through Air House Records, creating original music and art that inspires an attitude of awe and wonder towards life. A conceptual, organic, idea The Wonder Revolution can take any form. It is uplifting, a new genre of music, and style with it’s own Wondermusic and Wonderart inspiring live, multi-medium music/art shows with music, books, merchandise, film, products, etc.


Icon Studies:

Final Logo:


Celebrating the return to an innocent world-view the hand-rendered script is similar to a child’s study when learning to write in cursive. The free flowing letter forms move up and down reminding us of a world not weighed down by responsibility but the pure pleasure associated with one who enjoys life’s simple pleasures and child-like imagination.

Due to the many personal styles and interpretation of the world around us The Wonder Revolution brand had to be able to flex and mold to varying interpretations. Because of this we created a simple hand-drawn type treatment to ensure it’s legibility and brand recognition among any artwork or music that the logo might be associated with. The final mark is uplifting and organic while staying away from any icons or colors that might compete with future Wonderart designs.

Basic Brand Standards & Layout Samples:

FORGE Ministry | Green Couch Design

FORGE Student Ministry

Devoted to being The Church, the Forge is a training ground where faith is put into action on a daily basis. It’s vision is to equip Christian believers in a holistic lifestyle through discipleship and life-skill training. Creating a culture founded on a daily choice to live; school, work, finances, and relationships, through an intentional faith-walk; the Forge, is an organic community where what they “do” becomes an extension of who they are, and who they are is rooted in a daily relationship with God.

Logo Variations:



Using simple forms the mark is created from traditional tribal icons. The layers of lines represent structure and the idea of inward growth. The marks motion conveys a since of purpose and speaks to the transformational change of the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). The icon itself could be a steeple or a bird finding it’s wings; either way, it remains “spiritual” without using typical Christian iconography. Similar to an army badge there is a since of accomplishment in the strength and outline style of the mark. It is representative of a group of people coming together. Displaying the continual process of life and faith becoming one. Symbolic of a healthy, holistic individual.




Stationery & Leave Behind Card:


There are times where clients cannot afford a custom website design. Instead, we work with them to find a web template that further establishes their brand as a more cost-effect solution. By starting with a preexisting template it allows us to cut programming and design time in half and provides a foundation on which to build a somewhat custom site. With a little bit of programming and client-guidance we we’re able to help them customize their site to meet their initial needs and develop a platform that they can continue to grow from.

Additional Collateral Materials:

Special thanks to Scott and the Forge Creative Team for providing some of the Collateral Materials and imagery.



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