Baby & Birth Connection of Oklahoma

The Birth & Baby Connection is a new event in the Oklahoma City area designed to connect parents & families with natural birth and parenting resources. A yearly gathering it provides educational information on topics like prenatal exercise, VBAC, Midwife attended birth, the role of the doula, cloth diapering & baby wearing through talks, demo classes and meet-ups. A safe and causal space the Birth & Baby Connection is where expectant mothers and families can ask questions and find real and relevant resources to local, naturally minded, businesses and non-profits.

We choose vibrant colors and an organic design to establish a natural and inviting tone for the whole event. The floral icon can be seen as one whole element representing the growth of a baby, the birth process, or two sections of leaves corresponding to the family unit and it’s internal support system. Overall Birth & Baby Connection Branding is playful in fonts and colors, but professional in it’s simple stylization.



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