The Wonder Revolution

“The wonder revolution is a call to re-awaken and cultivate a child-like mind set of wonder. As adults we lose our desire of Investigation, imagination, and creation to life’s daily problems, practical thinking, drama, jobs, ideologies, cultures, egos, fears, etc. We are taught through culture, society, and education to see life as a set of abstractions and therefore we miss the miraculous Wonderworld that surrounds us.” - The Wonder Revolution

The Wonder Revolution is a group of friends, through Air House Records, creating original music and art that inspires an attitude of awe and wonder towards life. A conceptual, organic, idea The Wonder Revolution can take any form. It is uplifting, a new genre of music, and style with it’s own Wondermusic and Wonderart inspiring live, multi-medium music/art shows with music, books, merchandise, film, products, etc.


Icon Studies:

Final Logo:


Celebrating the return to an innocent world-view the hand-rendered script is similar to a child’s study when learning to write in cursive. The free flowing letter forms move up and down reminding us of a world not weighed down by responsibility but the pure pleasure associated with one who enjoys life’s simple pleasures and child-like imagination.

Due to the many personal styles and interpretation of the world around us The Wonder Revolution brand had to be able to flex and mold to varying interpretations. Because of this we created a simple hand-drawn type treatment to ensure it’s legibility and brand recognition among any artwork or music that the logo might be associated with. The final mark is uplifting and organic while staying away from any icons or colors that might compete with future Wonderart designs.

Basic Brand Standards & Layout Samples:

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